I had a great day today. I was able to eat Dim Sum with my best friend and her boyfriend~ It was so yummy. Then I made last minute plans to watch If I Stay with my other friend. I loved the movie! I didn’t even finish the book yet, but I couldn’t wait. haha. 

I kind of regret accepting the internship before talking to another place that I really wanted to intern at, but I had that mindset that I wouldn’t get another place. Nothing I can do now! Maybe in the future, they’ll hire me ;D 

I went to the Linq today with a couple friends. We went into the Sprinkles store and I ran into a friend who works there. I haven’t seen her in such a long time! We’ve known each other since elementary school. It was very nice seeing her again ~ 

I’m finally on spring break!

I have started to do some vector anime because my friend told me it’s fun to do. Right now I’m working on Chitoge Kirisaki from Nisekoi. It’s actually very fun and time consuming. It is also great practice for using the pen tool. It also keeps you productive and not bored. 

I’m going to my friend’s sister’s funeral today. It’s the viewing today and the burial tomorrow. This is going to be my first funeral ~ I’m kind of nervous. 

I just changed the photo and colors of my theme on tumblr ~ :3 It’s Kyoukai themed! I just finished that anime and the feeeels. 

I finally started hanging things on my wall (even though I’ve lived here for over a year). I finally decided to hang my polaroid photos up (I forgot to buy clothespins earlier, so i used tape). I used to write dates on my photos, but then I started to forget to write dates on some, so half of them was written on and the other half had nothing. As I was putting them up, I realized that it looked really tacky, because some has stuff on it, some didn’t. I was like I could just use white out! Then realized I had none. So I thought of a cool way to cover it, I took my strips of paper I have and color coded them. Pink: Friends, Purple: Family, and Blue: Miscellaneous. They turned out to look very cute and different from normal polaroid photos! I’m pretty happy with it~ A good way to get away from the norm. 

I’m in my last class for the quarter! Then it’s a four week winter break! I’m so excited to bum around and do nothing! haha. Tonight is also going to be fun. Staying up all night with good company~ Oh and I’m able to go on tumblr finally! I’ve been so busy this quarter, I barely was able to go on tumblr. 

Today is my last day of school for summer quarter, i’ll be off for a week! I need that week break. I also haven’t been posting quite a lot on here ): Been working on finals, and been away from my computer. I’ll try to be on here more~