I had a great day today. I was able to eat Dim Sum with my best friend and her boyfriend~ It was so yummy. Then I made last minute plans to watch If I Stay with my other friend. I loved the movie! I didn’t even finish the book yet, but I couldn’t wait. haha. 

Wish me luck on my interview!

My outfit of the night! Going to my first clubbing experience. It’s a pool party thing. I’m excited to go with my best friends! 



me being a cat. meow. (=^ω^=)丿

Student appreciation day at my school! Free food ~ (: 

My lovely friends in Publication Design ~ 

I dyed my hair! (: It is now ~blue black~ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

My birthday! Savana was there too, but she wasn’t in any photos ): ~ haha I spent it with these lovely people. I had psychology class from 1-5, but class ended early! so we all went to eat some Rubios! Oh! and jazz and mel got me gifts (The hello kitty bag, and bento box supplies) <3 It was a nice time ~