Flash is so boring, so we take pictures. We are chipmunks.


Did I forget to say that I cut my hair? Dying it soon ;)

I told you you would look good with short hair! :D



I made P’ Pam smile~ >:D 


Hella forgot these were on my phone! #debut #pam #sai #d.fam #imcuter:)



I am trying so hard to stay awake in Typography. We’re just learning the 3D tool thing. He goes so slowwwww too. About three more hours in this class. He makes this class seem like I’m in here for longer than four hours.

Girl. True DAT.

We should just leave class nao.


Rockin’ Ray Bans and Graphic Hat :D

They both fell asleep on me! D: 

I was a fierce panda! Thanks to Pe’ Pam for doing the make up for me (: 

Pe’ Pam, Gee, and I in the loungeeee at AI. :D

Pe’ Pam and I~! :D